Diaphragm control - Double diaphragm

The intermediate chamber (red) can be monitored with a gas pressure sensor that initiates a fault message in the event of a leak in the working membrane. Gas from the suction chamber (green) can therefore not escape into free space or enter the transmission (yellow). If no sensor is provided to monitor the intermediate chamber (red), this can be flushed with flushing gas. Corresponding pipework is then a prerequisite.

When ordering it is necessary to stipulate whether the intermediate chamber (red) will be monitored with a sensor or flushed!

Merging the flushing gas circuit (red) with the transmission chamber (yellow) should be avoided. In the event of a leak in the working membrane, the gas from the suction chamber (green) mixes with the flushing gas and enters the transmission chamber (yellow). Disadvantage: Possible transmission damage if aggressive gases are involved.

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