Technology series KP

1-cylinder piston pump with con-rod drive.

The piston, rigidly fixed to the con-rod, carries out a tilting motion in the cylinder when moving up and down. The piston rings are therefore more heavily stressed than with a linear drive. The length of the con-rod from the eccentric shaft to the piston is however designed to impart as small a tilting motion as possible to the piston.

The eccentric shaft with con-rod is additionally ball-bearing mounted in the carrier plate and does not sit on the motor shaft. This ensures that the motor shaft and the A-side motor bearings are not loaded thus ensuring a longer service life for the mechanical components. The motor shaft is slid into the separately supported eccentric shaft of the con-rod drive as a precision fit and is fastened in place there in a torsion-proof manner.

Thermally insensitive external rotor motors (IP00) are the preferred choice for the drive. The series pumps are equipped with patented disc valves made from EPDM. The piston sealing rings are made from a PTFE compound. The cylinder liners are made from aluminium and the running surface of the cylinder is hard-coated and re-pressed.


  • Oil-free, dry-running piston pumps for transporting, evacuating and compressing gases. The extremely smooth cylinder running surface guarantees low friction for the PTFE piston rings.
  • Quiet and low-vibration thanks to precise balancing of pump and drive motor.
  • Permanent operation possible through optimised cooling and separate mounting of the eccentric shaft.
  • Maintenance-free thanks to encapsulated ball bearings with special grease filling.

Possible variants:

  • Versions with con-rods supported at both ends for extreme loads such as compression operation.
  • Versions with corrosion-protected gas conducting components, e.g. chemically nickel plated / hard-coated / VA.
  • Versions with valves made from VITON or stainless steel.
  • Versions with DC motors on request. Further special versions on request.

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