Technology series MP

hyco-diaphragm pumps with connecting-rod driving mechanism

In the conventional systems of a diaphragm stroke movement via eccentric with connecting-rod the diaphragm is subject to a wobbling movement and therefore the diaphragm suffers through wobbling and stretching. The more shorten the connecting-rod is built, thus the more compact these pumps are constructed the much greater is the danger of wear and tear and the risk of crack of the diaphragm.

hyco builds MP-con rod diaphragm pumps with a preferably less wobbling movement. They are more simple in the bodywork and therefore cheaper to produce than pumps with the ML-linear driving mechanism.

The most budget-priced bodywork have con-rod pumps where the eccentric together with the con-rod is positioned on the elongated motor shaft. But they shall be used only for vacuum operation. More preserving are MP-con rod pumps with an opposite bearing of the eccentric. They can also be used as a compression-pump.

hyco builds MP-con rod pumps with 1, 2 and 4 cylinders.

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