With the service diaphragm pump from the PB-17 hyco product range, maintenance and repair tasks for hydraulic hoselines can be carried out quickly and cleanly.

The PB-17 hyco vacuum pumps are connected to the filling ports of the hydraulic tank thus creating a vacuum in the air space inside the tank.

The vacuum is adjusted with the regulating valve attached to the pump such that a state of equilibrium is reached with the pressure of the oil column at the repair location. The system can be repaired or serviced without having to empty the hydraulic oil tank beforehand, without any loss of hydraulic oil and without environmental pollution.

The oil-free and dry compressing diaphragm pump for hydraulic systems from the PB-17 product line can be used for evacuating, conveying and compressing gases and vapours up to a final vacuum of 100 mbar.


  • Excellent final vacuum up to 100 mbar
  • Compact construction and low spatial requirements
  • Maintenance-free operating time with long service life

Free flow50 l/min
Final vacuum100 mbar
Final pressure (abs.)2 bar
Pump heads1
Hose coupling, suction / pressureG 1/4"
Motor power / r.p.m.0.13 kW / 1400 min-1
Mains requirement / Frequencies12VDC o. 24VDC
Noise level57 dBA bis 59 dBA
Permissible gas admission temp.+ 5 C° bis + 45 C°
Permissible ambient temperature+ 5 C° bis + 45 C°
Permissible ambient temperature motor+ 5 C° bis + 45 C°
Permissible ambient temperature pump+ 5 C° bis + 45 C°
Dimensions L x W x H180 mm x 106 mm x 75 mm
Weight4 kg
Impermeable to gas1 x 10-3

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