The oil-free and dry compressing diaphragm pump for housing mounting pumps from the PB-30 product line can be used for evacuating, conveying and compressing gases and vapours up to a final vacuum of 85 mbar. Three different ranges with further unique models are available within the product line. (Curve presentation of the standard models, per model range).

The PB-30 product line is equipped with a single-cylinder diaphragm pump with linear drive. The staggering or flexing of the diaphragms is prevented here with precisely-straight upwards and downwards movement between the top dead centre and bottom dead centre. This ensures a long service life for the diaphragm. When compared to con-rod pumps with the same performance, diaphragm pumps are a more compact construction due to the omission of the long and rigid con-rods.

The range is further distinguished by quiet operation with proven long service life and maintenance-free operating time.

The materials used, such as aluminium for the gas-conducting components, stainless steel for the valves and piping and VITON (FKM) for the diaphragms, open up a wide range of application options with non-aggressive gases.


  • Excellent final vacuum up to 85 mbar
  • Compact construction and low spatial requirements
  • Maintenance-free operating time with long service life

Free flow8.5 l/min23.5 l/min33 l/min
Final vacuum120 mbar85 mbar
Final pressure (abs.)4 bar3 bar2 bar
Final pressure with KG-Gears4 bar3 bar2 bar
Pump heads1
Hose coupling, suction / pressureG 1/4" / NPT1/4"
Motor power / r.p.m.0.15 – 0.18 kW / 1400 min-1
Mains requirement / Frequencies230/400 V - 50 Hz o. 230 V - 50 Hz
Noise level49 dBA bis 53 dBA
Permissible gas admission temp.+ 5 C° bis + 100 C°
Permissible ambient temperature+ 5 C° bis + 45 C°
Permissible ambient temperature motor+ 5 C° bis + 45 C°
Permissible ambient temperature pump+ 5 C° bis + 100 C°
Dimensions L x W x H386 mm x 120 mm x 182.5 mm
Weight10 kg
Impermeable to gas1 x 10-3

vacuum flow [l/min] pressure [mbar] 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 ML65-W14 ML75-W14 ML86-W14

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