Corrosion resistant diaphragm pumps and piston pumps

With hyco® standard pumps, cylinder heads, valve plates and diaphragm discs are made from aluminium.

The other gas-conducting components:
Diaphragms made from VITON
Valves made from VA (additional VITON or EPDM)
Cylinder piping made from VA

A cost-effective, high level of chemical resistance can be achieved through coating the gas-conducting aluminium components.

For resistance to alkalis:
Aluminium components chemically nickel-plated
Coating thickness 15 microns
Designation: C-

list resistance to alkalis

For resistance to acids:
Aluminium components hard-coated and re-pressed
Designation: E-

list resistance to acids

Pipe screw connections with C- and E- made from VA (Swagelok)

Highest level of chemical resistance:
Against alkalis and acids
All gas-conducting components made from PTFE
Designation: T-

Clarification of chemically applied nickel coating (designation C): Original chem nickel

hyco offers only the chemical nickel coating with a coating thickness of ca. 15 microns. This is absolutely non-porous and is applied with the same coating thickness throughout. In contrast to galvanic nickel coatings, there are no weak points or points-of-attack on corners, holes or threads.

Enjoy the benefits of the hyco diaphragm pumps for your area of application!